HUR SmartCard machines are safe and easy to use. The touch screen guides users and helps them to achieve their goals.


Each HUR SmartCard machine is controlled through a high-quality touch screen, which adheres to all industry standards. Using clear, animated computer images and directions, on-screen instructions are provided on how to use each machine.

During your workout, the SmartCard automatically adjusts resistance in accordance with your training program. The screen also displays information on resistance, number of repetitions and set. During exercise, the machine counts repetitions and an auditory signal is given once a set is complete. For those with heart rate monitors, the heart rate is displayed onscreen. Once all sets and/or repetitions are complete, the screen also indicates which machine the user should move to next.

HUR SmartCard machines are run on HUR’s own Linux-based software. Being able to control our software and basic technologies allows us to quickly and flexibly develop our products as well as tailor them according to individual customer needs.

The touch screen guides users and displays the training program, resistance, repetitions and heart rate; resistance is automatically adjusted according to each user’s training program.